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Oncology Care

Nothing changes your life like a cancer diagnosis. Special consideration must be taken for all your regular activities, including your nail care. Angela is our in-house Oncology Care Specialist. She’s been trained on how to provide services, use products and create an atmosphere specifically for clients undergoing or who have complete oncology treatment. Her services include a detailed intake form, entire suite disinfection before the appointment (all surfaces), private suite and more. 


Intake Forms

The average pedicure can be counterproductive to your oncology treatment. Because of this, your service starts with a very detailed intake consultation. This intake form asks questions very similar to a medical appointment such as the type of oncology treatment you are receiving, treatment sites and dates and other pertinent information. This level of details is required to determine the best course of treatment for you. It is your manicurist/pedicurist’s responsibility to ask questions and record the necessary detail to provide a service that will aid in your healing.


Private Suite

We recognize that clients undergoing oncology treatment may be sensitive to sounds, noises and smells. We also recognize that oncology treatment can weaken the immune system. It’s likely that the average salon will not take your individual needs into consideration. Luckily for  you, Naturally Nailed is not your average nail salon. Every surface in the suite is sanitized and disinfected before you arrive with the Salon Fresh Disinfection Machine. The Molekule Air Purifier is ran 24/7 to reduce the number of fumes and pathogens in the air. You have the choice between, TV, music or nothing at all during your visit. Blankets and cushions are provided. And most importantly, when scheduling your appointment, you can elect to have a portion of the nail suite yourself or the entire salon.



To schedule your intake appointment, please call Angela at 202-215-4222. She’ll take care of your needs right away.

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