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Service Consultation

Skin Moisture Consultation - fee of $20 for 15 minute evaluation

Is your skin living up to its pore-tential?

Find out with our moisture monitor. After analyzing your results, we’ll match you with exclusive products to elevate your skin's elasticity.

Naturally Manicured

Naturally Manicured

Time for a fresh start. Give your nails a much-needed makeover with nail shaping, cuticle care, hand scrub, massage, and clear polish or high shine buff. Already have polish on your nails? We’ll remove it for no extra charge

Naturally Blissed Manicure

Renew, revive, and relax your hands with our CBD-infused session.

Enjoy a gentle lavender CBD exfoliating polish, followed by a nourishing CBD cuticle treatment, nail shaping, and a deep CBD oil massage to give your joints a well-deserved break from typing, texting, and stressful selfies. Finish with your pick of any Dazzle Dry polish. Please note, no THC is in our products.

Naturally Structured Manicure

Tough like acrylic, but flexible like gel, this option is the perfect overlay. We offer over ten shades of nude, so you can wear it to go or add nail art for an extra pop of flair. Built for long wear, this option for at least three weeks.

Naturally Dazzled-Manicure

Get flawless nails without the flawed ingredients.

You deserve the safety and longevity of a gel manicure without the harsh UV light. That’s why we offer Dazzle Dry polish. It’s nontoxic and hypoallergenic and the entire line is free from animal by-products, animal testing, and harmful chemicals such as toluene, formaldehyde, TPHP, nitrocellulose, and camphor. Safe for those undergoing cancer treatments too.

Naturally Gelled Manicure

Need your nails to last for the long haul? Try our gel manicure, with color lasting up to two weeks. After picking your perfect color, or two or three, you will receive a detailed dry manicure, gentle hand scrub, and relaxing massage.

Naturally Extended Manicure

Add instant length, minus the use of liquid and powder. These full-coverage enhancements are made for that special something or growing out your nails. The extensions can last up to three weeks before being removed.

Fingernail Restoration Services

IBX Repair Treatment

An intense treatment designed to strengthen the integrity of the nail plate under any Gel Polish Coating. This also treats natural nail imperfections and weaknesses that prevent your natural nails from growing tall and strong.

IBX Strengthen Treatment

This is a penetrating toughening agent that fuses together the nail’s top layers to strengthen the integrity of the nail plate under any Gel Polish Coating. This keeps your natural nails safe and strong to continue growing.

Naturally Repaired

Got a break, tear or crack? We’re here to fix it all. Please note, this is priced per nail.

Naturally Pedicured

Naturally Restored Pedicure


Time to get grounded. This dry pedicure is designed to help you achieve optimal foot health. Safer than water-based pedicures with long-lasting results, it’s no surprise this is one of our most popular services. Your toenails will be trimmed, your cuticles will be groomed and minor calluses will be safely reduced with an e-file.

Naturally Blissed Pedicure

Say see-ya-later to pain and stress with our CBD-infused pedicure. This toes to knees experience is a complete pampering addressing tired toes, swollen ankles, tight calves, and knee joints. It includes a CBD lavender soak, exfoliating polish, nail shaping, cuticle care, deep massage, and a finishing polish. You will leave as polished as you are relaxed! Please note, all CBD products are THC free.

Naturally Detoxed Pedicure

Dry legs and feet? Get ready for a restart with our rejuvenating mask and hot towel treatment. Blended with high-grade, imported, organic micro-algae, this unique formula is paired with essential oils and polished pumice to exfoliate the skin without being abrasive, especially for those with eczema. Your dry pedicure will start with a scrub up to the knee and finish with a steam treatment.

Naturally Gelled Pedicure

Designed to help you achieve optimal foot health, this dry pedicure is safer than your typical water-based option. With our advanced technique, expect your toenails to be trimmed, cuticles groomed, and minor calluses safely reduced with an e-file. Instead of traditional nail polish we'll add gel polish of your choice for long-lasting results.

Naturally Blinged Pedicure

Stunning and luxurious with a decadent aroma, this pedicure packs in GOLD – the anti-aging Ingredient that offers an antibacterial and collagen-promoting effect. Afterwards, your skin will have a fresher, younger, and more radiant appearance. We also use a red LED light to swiftly deliver anti-aging products directly to your skin layers. After receiving your dry pedicure, you will receive a 24k gold leg mask too.

Naturally Calmed Pedicure

Pamper yourself with our LCN Red Wine Leaf Foot Pedicure. Extracts of red wine leaves, horse chestnut, and birch tree are designed to support the stabilization of vessel walls, bringing much-needed relief for tired, stressed, and reddened feet.

Naturally Expressed Pedicure

Sometimes all you need is toenail shaping and heel buffing. This is just that. Once we finish with your favorite color, you’ll be out the door. Perfect follow up to The Wellness Pedicure when you are in need of a polish change. Please note, this is for existing clients only who require minimal cuticle work.

Detailed Pedicure Add-on


Naturally Detailed Calluses


Naturally Detailed Fissures

Naturally Reconstructed Toenail

Toenail Reconstruction (Initial)


If your toenail is in rough shape, we’re here to help. Allow us to restore your toenail partially or completely in full comfort, giving you back your confidence. Our gel is flexible after curing and adjusts to the natural movement of your toes and feet. This service includes the dry pedicure, one reconstruction on a toe, and the daily anti-fungal spray. *MUST BE CLEARED BY MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL.

Temporary Toenail Reconstruction 


Need a good-looking toenail for a special occasion or vacation? Did your toenail crack or needs a little help to grow out? The gel we offer is flexible and moves with your toes and feet naturally. This temporary toenail can only be worn for a month, and is a perfect quick fix.

Toenail Reconstruction (Follow-up)

Like all enhancements, the gel we use needs to be replaced after several months. This service is for current reconstruction clients who have had their initial reconstruction and are now in need of an additional reconstruction for another toenail. Book alone or with a pedicure.

Onyfix Toenail Correction 


The Onyfix nail correction system is a versatile and innovative product that offers a completely painless treatment of nearly all involuted and ingrown toenails. Onyfix is used on your nail to assist as it grows back into its natural shape.

B/S Brace

The B/S Brace System is a NON-Surgical, corrective procedure that will eliminate pain and help correct the curvature of your nail. This service needs to be completed 48 hours after receiving a Wellness or Maintained Wellness pedicure.

Young Kings and Queens (13 and below)

Naturally Manicured Mini

Maybe your little one has a birthday and you want to give them a treat...or maybe they have the tendency to nail bite and you want to help them break the habit. Designed for children 13 and under, this service offers nail trimming to an appropriate height and shape, and cuticles are trimmed, if necessary. Plus, they'll receive a yummy scrub and and their choice of Dazzle Dry polish or buff.

Naturally Restored Pedicure Mini

Kids can be hard on their feet, and it's never too early to start a good foot care routine. Bring in your kings or queens aged 13 and under for this pedicure which includes toenail shaping, debris removal, scrub, and massage.

Additional Services

Naturally Trimmed

Diabetic, elderly, or have difficulty reaching your toes? Come on in for a quick toenail trim.

Gel Polish on Toes

While traditional nail polish is cool, gel polish is even better, and lasts longer too. This is the perfect add-on to any pedicure.

Polish Change - Feet

In a hurry, but need a quick color change? Your nails will be shaped and polished in this super speedy service.

Naturally Calloused

In extreme cases of cracked heels, the Callus Buster Pedicure is most effective when repeated 2-3 times. This appointment is a follow up to the original Callus Buster. This service includes a complete massage too. *CUTICLE CARE AND POLISH ARE ADDITIONAL.

Polish Change - Hands

In a hurry, but need a quick color change? Your nails will be shaped and polished in this super speedy service.

Solo Experience

Want a private one-on-one experience? Book this add-on to get a full salon experience catered to you.

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