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The Athlete’s Feet solution by Imperial Feet is formulated to relieve athlete’s feet symptoms in 4-7 days when used as directed. The formula is rich in vitamin E that nurtures the skin. Aloe vera soothes and serves as an anti-inflammatory. The glycerine keeps the skin soft and the almond oil protects and prevents cell damage. Once you have contracted the condition you spread the infection to your shoes. Use in conjunction with Imperial Feet Sock and Shoe Spray or Footlogix Shoe Spray.

Athlete's Feet

SKU: 7106581348166
    • Aloë Vera
      It is good for the skin in general and can be used against almost any skin disease. It is called a "first aid" herb for the skin. It has a soothing, moisturizing, wound repair, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, blood-stimulating effect.
    • Almond Oil
      Almond oil protects the skin and prevents cell damage.
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